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Consumer Product & Package

Consumer Product&Package: Packaging milk carton
Specification : Check the label, Check Cap

Transport : Box
Specification : 1D Barcode

Package : Package
Specification : QR Barcode, 1D Barcode water level, Check the color

Food and Beverage

Food and Beverage : Fish
Specification : Check Fish size

Vision bottle : Bottle
Specification : Check the labal, Check cap

Food and Beverage : Check Fish Size:
Specification : Dimension, The order of the.
Speed : 100m/sec

Consumer Printing

Consumer Printing : Publication Money Usdolla
Specification : Check Character, Check dirt Speed

Packaging Inspection : Box
Specification : OCR, The order of the.
Speed : 100m/sec

Packaging Inspection : Check the bottle
Specification : OCR, The order of the.


Medicines : Pack medicine
Specification : medicine

Electronics Industry

Electronics : Optimax Desktop monitor
Specification : PCB, High Precision Inspection Machine

Automotive industry

Automotive industry : Car
Specification : Assembly